My relationship with Netflix


I’m back so quickly as I feel compelled to write about the newest and currently most passionate relationship in my life.

I love it so. I love having something to come home to. I love how it never runs out of something to offer me, or never leaves me wanting more.

Except of course for the next season of House of Cards.

Emkayee x




‘They’ say:

You are in complete control of your life.

Happiness starts from within.

The state of your life reflects the state of your mind.

I see so many variations of this as I sift through my Facebook/Instagram and feed on the same inspirational slash motivational quotes everyone loves to share. I’ve told myself all this in the past but I never truly believed it and never followed through.

Recently I feel like I want to stop looking to other things to make me happy. I want to stop faking it. I want to stop doing what I feel I should do and follow my gut. I want to live these cheesy quotes. I want to be real and brave.

Do any of you want to scream out and say what you’re truly feeling but never did or never could, because of nobody but yourself?

Emkayee x

The first rambling

Hello. To you.

Whoever has somehow stumbled upon this. I start this blog because as of about 5 minutes ago I’ve decided something. I’d like to start a blog.

Next question: What about? What’s my passion? No idea. Which is probably why I’ve never started. I trudge through my daily commute and I imagine being brave and breaking through the confines of the rat race. The next day I trudge through my daily commute. Hence, tales of a London commuter.

Still. I want to spill my thoughts into this tiny Apple screen. I want to write. And I want to hear yours.

Emkayee x